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Here I am Baz Smith a Stay At Home Dad with my son Luke on holiday recently, and we would like to give you a very special FREE gift … simply click on the links below and you will immediately get access to my FREE Video Marketing Strategy and my FREE report about Internet Marketing SURVIVAL!

stay at home dad

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Baz Smith, Stay At Home Dad UPDATE … now there are two!  Not only will you see Luke involved with me and my online business but now Toby has joined the family in August 2012 and so will also have a presence online.  Why? I hear you ask …

Prove You’re A Stay At Home Dad

Well, I believe in demonstrating to you that I am, who I say I am.  I don’t hide behind any false statements.  I am a Stay At Home Dad of two and enjoying every minute of it.  I just happen to own my own successful online marketing business as well.   My boys are part of my family and my business.

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Baz Smith | Stay At Home Dad

I am just an ordinary guy who has had a life changing experience, slightly less dramatic than some but nonetheless an experience that most Dads can only dream of. You see, I am a Stay At Home Dad or as I like to refer to it “Daddy Day Care”. When Luke was born back in December 2009 my wife and I had a master plan that one of us would stay at home for a while and spend valuable time with him through his early months.

After some changes at my workplace it became apparent to us that I would be the lucky one … so I became a Stay At Home Dad. We have a pretty perfect life, living in the Cambridgeshire countryside.  I am a member of a local Golf Club, my wife enjoys her job and is a member of the local gym. We enjoy going out for meals with friends and family, meeting for coffee, going on holidays, both spending time with the boys and generally having a whale of a time. A perfect lifestyle?

Well I think so! What others say … click here to see my testimonials page

My Background Before Stay At Home Dad Status

I have worked in a number of industries over the years.  Industries as diverse as silicone hose manufacturing to public phone installation, from commercial vehicles to embroidered school clothing and workwear. However, throughout my career the one thing that has remained consistent is my ability to adapt my Sales & Marketing knowledge, combined with other industry specific experience. This enables me to be a success in whichever field I find myself. I now find myself adapting skills gained from off-line marketing into the ‘virtual’ world of the internet and on-line marketing.  The marketing techniques still have a place in the on-line community, it’s just that your target audience has grown beyond your wildest expectations.

The basics still remain …

“The quality of the relationships you build with your peers, family, friends and prospects will ultimately determine the quality of life you attain!”

Baz Smith 2010
Stay At Home Dad

P.S.  If you would simply like to stay up to date with the boys & me, The Stay At Home Dad then visit my blog page regularly. If you get the chance become a Stay At Home Dad, you won’t regret it!

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2 Responses to Stay At Home Dad

  1. Baz

    Stopped by to view your website because you sent me friend request on IBO. IBO has been a good free tool and I have made so new connections and actually a few new business partners. Great to see the picture of your son and acknowledge it is a blessing to be able to work from home and have better quality time with your family.

    We come from similiar backgrounds in the private sector.

    Great website with some nice tools.


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