Sending Mutliple SMS messages on Samsung Galaxy S

The Confusion of The Samsung Galaxy S

If like me you have a Samsung Galaxy S smart phone you maybe wondering how to send multiple SMS messages.

Well not anymore you see when you get to my age you turn to someone a little younger … my nephew!


Within five minutes the elusiveness sending multiple SMS messages on the Galaxy smartphone was over!

Simply go to the Message folder … click New Message.

Then for ease turn your phone to the Landscape position and  here is the really simple bit.

Simply type in the first few letters of a name found in your contact list and it will appear in the box below … click the contact and it will be added to the To box … followed automatically by a comma!   Simply type in the next contact and so on!

If they are not in your contact list simply add the comma between each number!

Then type your text and hit send!

That’s how you send multiple SMS messages using a Samsung Galaxy S Smart phone.

If this works please leave me a message or if you have problems also leave me a message … Happy texting!

So there you have it there is always a solution. You just need to know where to look or who to ask LOL.

The Samsung Galaxy S is a great smart phone.

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