High Ticket And Multiple Revenue Streams

Do High Ticket Products Have Any Place NOW In Multiple Revenue Streams?

Well, it does depend upon your whole strategy, of course, however without a high ticket product in your multiple revenue streams portfolio you may turn some people off.

Even in these austere, recession times we are in(supposedly) there are still plenty of people out there in the world that are looking to use disposable income to build their own successful online business.

Many are looking to see a good ROI (return on investment) and are therefore looking for the bigger commissions, from the off!

Multiple Revenue Streams With A High Ticket Product

With a high ticket product in your portfolio you can make some really good commissions with just a single sale.  Combine this commission with your other monthly commission from the sometimes easier to promote smaller ticket products and you will soon see you achieving your goals.

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 Multiple Revenue Streams And A Six Figure Formula

Just think if you have multiple revenue streams in place in your business and they all bring in a nice monthly income you can soon have a six figure income.  Just check out how many revenue streams you will need and how many sales you will need in each of them to create and maintain a six figure income.

A couple of sales a month in a high ticket product could bring in $2000 each.  This will cover nearly 50% of your target $48,000 a year.  You then only have to find  another $52,000 from smaller product sales, affiliate marketing and any adsense activity you are involved in.

Think carefully before making your choice, do your own research about the product and the person you are thinking of joining with.

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Making a six figure income online may just be a pipe dream to you at the moment, but with a well thought out multiple revenue streams strategy, it could be a reality sooner than you think.


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