What Does A Stay At Home Dad Do For Valentines?

As A Stay At Home Dad Has The Romance Gone?

No way, with looking after my son Luke for the last two years I now have twice the love coming my way.  Even though it’s not quite the same love as you share with your wife, fiance or girlfriend … as a stay at home dad, it is still love nonetheless.

Stay At Home Dad

So this years Valentine’s Day is going to be filled with “Love ALL Around” it will also be the last one we share as three of us.

Things Are Going to Change Dramatically For This Stay at Home Dad

We are now expecting our second child (all being well in August), so we will start another new chapter in our lives together.  However, this time it’s likely to be a little different.  We have plans that will allow Emma to spend a bit more time around the family home over the next year or so.

I call it “Payback time” and not what you think either!  I want Emma to experience the joys of looking after a baby this time and I will concentrate a little more on my business over the summer months.

Now as a Stay At Home Dad I have experienced so much delight in the last two years it is certainly going to be difficult to let the reins go, but Emma deserves her turn in the wonderful delights of proper motherhood.  She has sacrificed her chance for me in the past and now it is time to give back … Good luck Emmy!

A Stay at Home Dad Valentines Day Menu

To start with I thought we would have scallops( Our favourite starter), but then quickly altered this as we have a pregnant lady in the house!

So instead we will share in the delight of …

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup … garnished with sauted mushrooms and shavings of parmessan cheese (Not again! OK for the pregnant ladies Leerdammer!)

For main course we both love Chicken breast stuffed with brie and wrapped in parma ham, but !!!!!! What will it taste like with leerdammer, or edam inside?

Dessert is a certainty

Creme Brulee, no fancy fruit flavours, just pure and simple!

What will you serve up for your special man or lady this Valentines Day?

It’s fun being a stay at home dad, why don’t you?




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One Response to What Does A Stay At Home Dad Do For Valentines?

  1. Ally Stewart says:

    Hi Baz.

    I hope you had a great Valentines day. I missed it with my Risty, she is still in the Philippines. Next year we will share it together. My baby boy is due in 2 – 3 weeks and looking forward to that. Sad, I will only see him in photos until about June/July.