Over One Billion Spent On Online Banner Advertising

WOW Online Banner Advertising Hit 1.12 Billion Of Spend Last Year! (Source BBC News)

And it’s still growing so there is no better time than now to get involved in online banner advertising yourself.

I have been involved in online banner advertising industry for some time now and used properly can be a REALLY effective second arm to your other marketing activities.

Online banner advertising is outstripping the more traditional advertising approaches like tv and radio advertising.  Search engine advertising is also being left behind by the increase in online banner advertising campaigns being run today.

Online Banner Advertising And Additional Residual Income

Not only can you make money online from the results of your banner campaigns, but if you join a banner brokerage, such as Banners Broker.  Not only can you get involved within this lucrative form of advertising, but YOU can also make a residual income from the brokerage itself.

Banners Broker Makes Online Banner Advertising EASY

Online banner advertising can be a minefield to set up properly.  However, with Banners Broker you can easily upload various different sizes of banners.  You can target Countries, or hone down to single or multiple towns … this can be a really useful addition to any local marketing you maybe involved with.

Online Banner Advertising






To find out more about online banner advertising and in particular how YOU can get involved with the Banners Broker brokerage click here.

Online banner advertising Spend was OVER 1 Billion last year.


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