Is Your High Street Full Of Empty Shops? ~ Who is Next To Go Into Administration?

Into Administration … seems to be the latest buzz word on the High Street.

Just in the last week some top name brands have gone into administration … but Why?

Is it purely down to the economic crisis or have these companies gone into administration simply because they wouldn’t move with the times?

I remember where I used to buy my record singles years ago … the first one was Coward of The County by Kenny Rogers … what was the first record you ever bought?

Into Administration

That shop is now long gone and in my opinion was an icon in the High Streets all over the UK.  Now we see other high street stores going into administration that are in that similar industry (of that one Department) of music, videos and games.

My question to you is how did they survive this long?  What with mobile downloads of the latest chart music and indeed golden oldies available online; technology to beam the latest films straight to your tv or laptop; and the endless online shops to buy your games and indeed even your digital cameras.

into administration

My take on the demise of these High Street shops that have gone into administration is this … Hats off to them for lasting as long as they have on our High Streets.

Did they have all their eggs in one basket?

Yes it is a very sad day to see so many favourite names disappear, but how many times can they re-invent themselves.

Could they have made it online to boost their own sales?  Who knows, perhaps we never will.

Into Administration … Bah Humbug … High Street Rejuvenised

However, there is always hope for our High Streets … if I walk around my local town today, I will see the latest shop ready to be emptied out as it is one of those companies gone into administration.

But I will also see the latest shop opened by a local venture … a wedding boutique; where you can organise all the things for your special day in one place.  The shop is full of information of local businesses that supply goods and services from the industry. Local photographers, Cake bakers, stationary, fascinators and all sorts.

There is also a new shop selling products sourced from abroad, a new wedding venue, a new cafe, a new pizza delivery and a baby accessories shop too.

The local High Street in your town maybe changing too, take a look and see how many new ventures are being opened by local businesses.  Is this time for a change? Perhaps YES! Are we going back to the days where local businesses serve their local communities?

Of course the product and service has to be chosen well, but I do see a change a happening.

Scared of Companies Going Into Administration?

Are you someone that wants to start their own business? But because of the economic crisis and businesses going into administration on a weekly basis … does it put you off?

For most of my life I would’ve stood up and be counted in that same category, but now I am a changed man LOL!  Starting up my own business was and still is the best decision I ever made. I am lucky enough to have worked for a lot of diverse companies in my career; some of which were start ups and others established multi nationals.  I can safely say I have learnt from their mistakes (not to say I don’t make my own LOL).

Running your own business means this to me … I have control of my family’s destiny.  I am not going to lose my job because the company I work for goes into administration.  If I lose my job it is purely because I was too rash, I got it wrong … no one else will be to blame!

multiple revenue streams



P.S.  To summarise companies going into administration, banks paying ridiculously low interest and the economy still on free fall … what are YOU going to do next?

P.P.S. Please think about taking control of your life and don’t worry about the copmanies going into administration, but think of the small businesses setting up everyday!

P.P.P.S. Don’t ignore the lessons of those going into administration but learn from them and take a different path today!

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19 Responses to Is Your High Street Full Of Empty Shops? ~ Who is Next To Go Into Administration?

  1. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but the first record I ever bought was Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy.

  2. Alex says:

    Lol! all them years ago, flowers in the rain by the move, and I still have the record.
    Thanks for your post Baz, You talk a lot of sense.
    here are a lot of companies over the last few years has gone into Administration.
    Three and a half years ago I was one of the victims that got taken for a large amount of money when work in the building industry dried up and left me with all my eggs in one basket.
    It made me stop and analyze my life, and where it was going.
    That is what pushed me to start putting together a portfolio of businesses on the Internet.
    But you don’t have to start building a business on the Internet when things go wrong, start now and create a safety net for you and your family, just in case.
    Don’t be a victim like I was, take control of your life you will not regret it.
    Baz is the man to talk to if you want to do some thing about your financial life.

    Cheers Baz

    All the best,


  3. Nikki Pepper says:

    Haha Mine was ‘Only You’ by the Flying Pickets!!

  4. Brian Passman says:

    I fear I was living on another planet while you guys were enjoying music I have never even heard of. My first record was Elgar’s Cello Concerto played by Jacqueline du Pre, Sir John Barbirolli conducting the Halle Orchestra followed by Janet Baker singing Elgar’s Four Sea Songs. I still find that music positively orgasmic!!!

  5. Steve says:

    Lol, my first was stairway to heaven, led zepplin :) still love that track! Yep think your right Baz, running your own biz is definitely the way to go and there are more internet opportunities out there than I think most people realize!

  6. I was quite upset to see one of the icons of the high street go into administration – that used to be one of my regular haunts !
    Sign of the times, I’m afraid …. as for my first record, I’d rather not say, but I do remember queuing for hours to buy Chris Farlowe – Ride On.
    Still one of the best !

    • whoisbaz says:

      You’re right Barbara sign of the times however we can make things happen … some may say it is our choice to keep the High Street Alive, by buying local. The local businesses have to step up to the mark to keep our business local too!

  7. Fleetwood Mac on vinyl was mine! And I still have it! Shop local and shop often…. hard times all round.

  8. I might as well have been living on another planet. All of the music mentioned so far was published, enjoyed great success, was bought and enjoyed by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people and I never even heard OF it let alone heard it. So somewhat sheepishly let me confess that the first record I bought was Jacqueline du Pre playing Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli followed by Dame Janet Baker singing Elgar’s four Sea Songs. But I’m quite unrepentant because I still find that record positively orgasmic!!!

  9. Ally Stewart says:

    Hi Baz.

    Confession time. My first record was YMCA. I will hide now OLOL.

    With that out of the way here is my comment on your post. I have been saying for years that the High Street needs to embrace the internet age and adapt or die. The stores and businesses that are doing best on the high street are the ones who have an online store alongside their physical store. In fact, most successful stores have moved to large retail parks with FREE parking.

    While our council invests huge sums of money on high street improvements they charge for parking and paint double yellow lines on most of the High Street and other nearby streets. The street is patrolled by vultures, I mean traffic wardens.

    In my opinion, the high street should be given up to leisure and instead of spending thousands of £s trying to get shops to locate there it should be open to cafes, pubs, restaurants etc and businesses like you talk about in your article. It should be a place where people go to have fun, meet other people and relax. Do this and businesses will thrive on the high street.

    Finally, the High Street is doomed while people need to pay for parking.