Snowman & Snowdog

Just a little bit of fun on a Monday morning in the Smith Household building a snowman for Luke .  Did you wake up this morning and dread the trip into work?  Or like me do you work from home?

snowman snowdog

I’ve never been very artistic but the Snowdog is all my own work! LOL




What are you going to do with your family today?  Being a Stay At Home Dad and running my own successful online business means I can do this when I want to … Can You?

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4 Responses to Snowman & Snowdog

  1. Mark Ford says:

    A pretty good snow dog Baz.
    Fantastic that you can choose to play with your son in the snow and not be constrained by a 9 to 5 traditional lifestyle.
    So much chaos we hear on the news about the weather, but working at home doesn’t stop us having play and work time when we want.

  2. Ally Stewart says:

    HMM, You’re welcome to the snow. You can have ours if you want OLOL. The kids love it though.

    You’re 100% spot on. Working at home with a successful online business gives you the freedom needed to do what you want.

    Keep up the snow sculpture Baz.