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Social Platforms such as the FREE to join Ibotoolbox have been created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers.  Ones like Facebook, lets face it simply are not the way forward.  How long before the Google slap becomes the Facebook Slap?

I have been a member of Ibotoolbox now for quite a few months and it has proved to be a great distributor of my blogposts, or as they now call them PR’s.   The platform is built upon something called Ibo Spirit … the reciprocation of it’s members sharing each others PR’s with their own Twitter, Facebook and all other social media platforms.


So yes I have to admit without the likes of the other social media platforms Ibotoolbox could be limited, although the membership continues to grow worldwide … the majority of your work WILL be seen by outsiders to the Ibo membership.

Ibotoolbox has helped my team to find new team members … more than Facebook!


Social media is the way forward for us Internet Marketers to promote to new prospects who want to break free from the 9-5 jobs that now seem to me as terribly habitual.  Don’t get me wrong I used to be there, but not any more!

I love the fact that I don’t have to get in the car and sit in the traffic jams … would you like that change in your life?

Below are a couple of recent PR’s from my Ibotoolbox activities, see what you think and ask me if you find it difficult to write.  I am here to help so please ask away!

“Distractions Are Taking Over My Life!

I work from home, running my home based business and the wife is always on at me, the kids are so needy, my team always interfere with my daily routine and so I get nothing done!

Who said running a successful online business was as easy as 1, 2, 3,?

Er not me, but I also maintain the top paragraph is a phoney … I do run my successful online business from home but those distractions are man made … I made them!

They are not distractions in my book nor should they be ignored or simply swept under the carpet … if we had any carpet on the floors downstairs LOL

Freedom Lifestyle

NO they are the reason I do what I do today, yesterday, and into tomorrow and beyond … I married my wife and I was involved in the conseption of my two lovely sons, luke and Toby … so as much as I can I embrace their distractions.

Most of my team know first hand that Luke loves nothing more than to run around the laminate flooring with a truck or some other toy … just as I am speaking on skype to them.   He always use to scream everytime my good friend Jon would phone me.  He was and still is pretty good in the background of most of my videos.

He is part of my family and hence part of my business and is why I chose this freedom lifestyle we now benefit from.

So please think about those around you that tell you to focus and shut out all the distractions around you, you may one day wake up and they have left you without a warning (well one you could hear).   No my wife isn’t running away, but all too often you find this happen and then you become wealthy and unhappy … money only helps the world go around it won’t make you happy!

So enjoy some of those so called distractions as they are the reason we do what we do!

Have a great week!”


“What scares You?

Let me start … going to the dentist, which is why I m writing this today (because the whole family are off to the dentist), snakes and the horrible child catcher (Out of chitty, chitty bang bang!)

As an adult those frightening experiences of a child still remain, but generally they have dulled in their tension and anxiety.

The dentist fear cme from having a very bad experience as a child and then having all four wisdom teeth extracted … leaving me with a dislocated jaw for 6 months (waiting to get it corrected)

The snakes again was from childhood, going into the reptile house of Colchester Zoo and just seeing a mass of bodies and eyes (shivering now just remembering)

The child catcher in the film … self explanatory really!

In adulthood I was always helping other people grow their own businesses, whether it was a start up or multinational company.  I have been made redundant and that is like the rug has been pulled from under you!

So running my own successful business was something I wanted to do but somehow could never find the courage to do.

Well now I have and I am glad I did … so what are you scared off and what is stopping you from doing something new?  Is it a childhood fear that is lingering?  Is it time to man up and make that life changing plunge?

Only you can decide”

So there you have it Ibotoolbox is a great way to distribute your messages, build your team and train to become a better internet marketer … join for FREE and ask me how you can become FMOTD! (Featured Member Of The Day)

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