SEOPressor Gets You Ranking On Page One Of Google

Driving traffic to your website pages by getting your content ranking on page one of google and the other search engines is one of the easiest methods to make money online.

Yes, it may be one of the easiest methods, but I would say that wouldn’t I as I know how to do it! LOL

I have been managing to rank my website pages and posts on page one of google for sometime now and have helped my team to do exactly the same as well.

So how have I managed to do this, without any earlier experience or knowledge of SEO good practice? How are thousands of other internet marketers managing to rank higher and higher than anyone else?

This is just one of my pages to show you the proof that I am ranking on page one of google right now …


So, how have I done it?  I have used SEOpressor to train my brain and take away any strain involved in ranking my content on page one of the search engines.


“Skyrocket to the TOP of SERPs Effortlessly with PROVEN On-page SEO and Social Optimization using this mandatory WordPress SEO Plugin!”

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Most people agree that on-page SEO is important! Having excellent on-page factors give you the advantage, getting your pages to rank high in search engine results without the need for excessive off-page work.

Newcomers to Internet Marketing are often inexperienced in the field and haven’t much of an idea about how to do on-page SEO.  And many find it difficult to learn because the process can seem quite daunting.

It is difficult to do on-page SEO manually, and if we outsource it can cost too much time, money and effort – most likely ending up with shoddy, undesirable results.

The solution? SEOPressor – the mandatory WordPress SEO plugin for anyone who wants to conduct on-page SEO more effectively and efficiently.

“Enjoy greater SEO Benefits with the all new and improved, faster and better SEOPressor V5!”

Hi, I’m Daniel Tan and many of you know me as the proud founder of SEOPressor, Social Metrics Pro and XTabApps.

After spending countless years in the SEO industry, I’ve developed several online marketing solutions and refined my business processes simply by practising what I preach.

And with SEOPressor, many of us have seen what it can do and discovered how difficult it is to actually live without.

But today, we won’t be talking about SEOPressor – but the all new SEOPressor V5.

We have the tool that made on-page SEO so easy to use and risk-free; the tool that is one-of-a-kind and exclusive only to WordPress users.

SEOPressor V5 is now your mandatory WordPress SEO Plugin – new and improved with 5 amazing features that guarantees you to skyrocket to the top of SERPs.

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Buy Your Copy of VERSION 5 NOW!

I have found that over the years of using SEOpressor to gain ranking on page one of the search engines that is has become almost habitual.  The plugin actually trains you to write your posts in a methodical manner and because it does a lot of the work for you automatically, you see you score climb and climb with each click of the “Save Draft” button.

My team have actually had little side bets as to how high they can score.  But beware don’t fall into the red by going over the magical 100% as you will have fallen foul of over optimization of your page and that simply won’t do!

So what else does SEO Pressor do for you in your quest to ranking on page one of the search engines?

Do you want to bother with …

Dublin Core, H1,H2 and H3 Tagging, Alt Tagging of your images, underlining keywords, bolding keywords, italising keywords?

I know I don’t have the time, nor the inclination, which is great as this plugin does it ALL for you on autopilot!

“Gain A Competitive Edge Over Others With SEOPressor V5 – Essential Features for Sustainable SEO!”


Single User is just $47 and Multiple User is ONLY $97

This is a one time only payment which gets you FREE upgrades. So what are you waiting for get your copy now and get your content ranking on page one of the search engines.


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2 Responses to SEOPressor Gets You Ranking On Page One Of Google

  1. Hey Baz, great article. How does the number of Google+ circles you’re in, affect your ranking? And YouTube too.. are your Google related social interactions more important than say, Facebook or Twitter criteria?

    • whoisbaz says:

      Hi Michelle

      That is a very interesting question and one that is going to keep the masses discussing for a long time to come, I’m sure. Because google has G+ youtube under its wing in theory it should outperform anythingFacebook and Twitter can throw at it. Although I must say the letter still have a place in the ranking structure by driving referral traffic your way.

      I still like the other platforms like ibotoolbox, stumble upon, hubpages and squidoo for driving free traffic my way as well.

      In conclusion I would say that at this moment in time you need to have a presence in all the corners or you will miss out on valuable trafic and possible business if you exclude any one of the above!