Getting Started On Building Your Successful Online Business

Getting started with something new can always be a daunting task, let’s face it nobody really likes change in their life. It is probably because most times in our lives change means something has gone wrong … a relationship split up, a downturn in business causing redundancy, an injury. You get the picture, however if you focus on the positive life changing events instead you will have a different outlook and making life changes yourself will be far easier.

I know I have had all of the above in the past and was quite apprehensive about starting my own business, but that was three years ago and I am glad I did. The decision to become a stay at home dad was equally scarey but has also been very gratifying too!

So if I did it all again what 3 Key points do I think are paramount in building a successful online business?

1 Building a successful online business is determined upon you having your brand and foundations in place … find a niche you are going to enjoy working in build an authority site within that niche using your personality to promote it.

2 Be honest in all that you do … I looked around for ages before I started out and all I saw were “Fake it til you make it” promoters … I wanted to break the mould and build my successful online business on Honesty, Integrity and Trust through my stay at home dad branding.

3 Find others like you … people that share similar values and ethos and work as a team to help each other to grow. Reciprocation is key here, how many people d oyou know that will join a team members affiliate link to spread the wealth?

So in summary if you want to get started in making money online through your own successful online business then take some action today and follow these three pointers as my team are proof that these work and can for you too!

A Little More on Stay At Home Dad and Internet Marketing Tools To Build Your Successful Online Business

When I decided to become a Stay At Home Dad and look after Luke, little did I know that it would be such hard work. Surely it’s an esy job, just feeding and changing nappies … how hard could it be?

Too many new mums seem to make out that it would be easier going back to their 9-5 job than looking after the new born baby.

Yeah right? Well YES right!

Don’t get me wrong it was and still is insightful, exciting, thrilling and all the other superlatives I could mention … but it is more difficult than some blokes would even imagine. Being a stay at home dad has taught me that and to have total respect for all those Moms out there past and present and future ones too!

Stay At Home Dad to An Internet Marketer

So when the opportunity arose for me to start my own internet marketing business, my days became even more challenging … with lack of sleep through night feeds and then attempting to set up my websites, talk to prospective team members and writing blogposts and content.

Why would you put yourself through all this? WHY? because yes I loved and still love looking after Luke and now Toby TOO, but I did need something I could do for myself too. Call it a little self esteem building, when you look after a dependent you also have to remember to look after yourself too!

So I built myself a successful online business, using internet marketing skills I had learnt, with the combination of years of offline marketing experience.

Time was always going to be an issue, so I researched and found some excellent internet marketing tools to help me to build my successful online business … whilst I mentor my team and develop and implement new marketing strategies they work away in the background, so I can still find time to be a stay at home dad too!

Check out this product to get your blog posts on page one of the search engines …

This internet tool will help you get an audience for your blogposts …

And finally this one will help you to keep in touch with your growing list …

So there you go if you are looking to start your own successful online business you may want to click here for some more useful internet tools and services and click here to find some great ways to make money online

I would also be happy to help you set up your tools and your successful online business just simply get in touch.

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